EcoScan is a recycling app that helps you sort waste properly, making it easier for you to contribute to a cleaner environment.

EcoScan uses advanced scanning technology to provide accurate and personalised recycling advice based on your location and recycling capabilities.

Yes, EcoScan is a free app available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

EcoScan covers a wide range of waste categories, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, and electronics.

By using the app to recycle, you can earn EcoCoins that can be redeemed for discounts within the shop.

EcoScan is currently available in select regions, but the app is continuously expanding its coverage area.

If an item is not recognized by the app’s scanning technology, you can manually search for it in the app’s database to find proper recycling instructions.

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    How it works

    How it works

    Check out our video’s to know how EcoScan works.