For Retailers

Help your customers with waste separation

With the EcoScan app we help you separate your packaging better and help you with Extended Producer Responsibility (UPV / EPR). You can also connect your name to litter in a positive way, namely as a sponsor of a Litter Bingo.
EcoScan - Litter Bingo

Benefits of EcoScan

Extended Producer Responsibility
Thanks to EcoScan, waste separation becomes easier, resulting in better waste separation.
Become a sponsor
Become a sponsor of a Litter Bingo and boost your brand name.
Communicate with your customers
Communicate with your customers about your sustainability choices.

On-pack recycling 2.0

Many packaging items lack proper disposal instructions, are inaccurate, or do not align with the local disposal regulations where the consumer resides. Our recommendations are location-based and accurate, ensuring that users receive the most relevant and precise guidance for disposing of their packaging responsibly and efficiently.

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