For Municipalities

Help your residents with waste separation

EcoScan helps your municipality to help residents separate waste better and prevent litter. We are all about making waste management simple and fun for residents. By making it simple and fun, we increase the willingness of residents to contribute to a cleaner world.
EcoScan - Litter Bingo

Benefits of EcoScan

Better waste separation
Thanks to EcoScan, waste separation becomes easier, resulting in better waste separation.
Cost reduction
Better waste separation will result in less rejection and higher yields.
Minder zwerfafval

Door gebruikers aan te moedigen om deel te nemen aan een bingo, zullen ze vaker zwerfafval rapen

What do others say?

Waste collector HVC has been using the EcoScan service in their own app with full satisfaction since 2021. The HVC app has been specially developed for its own residents. Watch the video with an interview with Vibeke Helder from HVC.

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