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Impact of litter on our environment

The page about the impact of litter on our environment will tell you more about litter. Learn more about litter and find out why there is litter and what we can do about.

Litter regulations

Litter is a problem for everyone. Regulations is needed to prevent litter at higher level. Check out all articles about the regulations.
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Litter prevention

The page about litter prevention offers valuable information and practical tips for preventing litter. Join us in the journey towards a litter-free future, where small actions lead to monumental change.

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EcoScan - Litter Bingo

EcoScan app makes picking up litter fun and rewarding with the Litter Bingo update

ENKHUIZEN – EcoScan, the recycling and sustainability app, has launched a major update today to transform litter picking into an engaging game. The addition of the Litter Bingo feature allows users to organize clean-up actions and win prizes for collecting trash. “To encourage people to keep their neighborhood clean, we wanted to find a fun approach,” said Rick Buiten, the founder of the EcoScan app. “Litter Bingo plays a crucial role in this and makes picking up litter fun. Users can now win fun prizes by cleaning up litter.” Sponsor Choice for Extra Rewards To further reward litter pickers, they can choose a sponsor while creating the Litter Bingo. This can be a local company or a packaging producer, offering discounts, free products, or EcoCoins. During the game, they take a photo of the litter that appears on their card. The first to have a full card wins! EcoCoins Redeemable