EcoScan app makes picking up litter fun and rewarding with the Litter Bingo update

EcoScan - Litter Bingo

ENKHUIZEN – EcoScan, the recycling and sustainability app, has launched a major update today to transform litter picking into an engaging game. The addition of the Litter Bingo feature allows users to organize clean-up actions and win prizes for collecting trash.

“To encourage people to keep their neighborhood clean, we wanted to find a fun approach,” said Rick Buiten, the founder of the EcoScan app. “Litter Bingo plays a crucial role in this and makes picking up litter fun. Users can now win fun prizes by cleaning up litter.”

Sponsor Choice for Extra Rewards

To further reward litter pickers, they can choose a sponsor while creating the Litter Bingo. This can be a local company or a packaging producer, offering discounts, free products, or EcoCoins. During the game, they take a photo of the litter that appears on their card. The first to have a full card wins!

EcoCoins Redeemable for Discount

In addition to winning prizes, litter pickers thus earn EcoCoins, the digital currency of EcoScan, to spend in the EcoScan shop for sustainable products. ‚ÄúPreventing waste has the highest priority, but it’s also important to come up with alternatives,” said Rick. 

Waste Guide

The app also includes the popular waste separation guide, which allows users to quickly and easily determine which container their waste belongs to by scanning the barcode or taking a photo of the product. EcoScan does recognise the photo by AI. The system takes into account the user’s location, so the advice can vary depending on local waste policies. 

Sustainability Accessible to Everyone

“Our goal is to make sustainability fun and accessible to everyone,” said Rick. “Litter Bingo gives users a great reason to join with your friends in the battle to clean up the neighborhood. Plus, they are rewarded for it! It’s a win-win situation.”

Family-Friendly Activity

Litter Bingo is not only a great way for individuals to contribute to a cleaner environment, but it also offers a unique opportunity for families to work together towards this goal. Especially during holidays or weekends, playing Litter Bingo can be an educational and enjoyable activity for parents and their children.

Rick emphasizes the importance of this family-friendly approach: “Making children aware of the importance of a clean environment is crucial. By involving them in picking up litter from a young age, we help them develop environmentally conscious habits. This ensures that they contribute to a cleaner world at a later age. Moreover, Litter Bingo is a fun way to enjoy nature together with your children, while at the same time doing something good for the planet. I have experienced this myself with my own children.”


The Litter Bingo update is now available on iOS and Android. Download the EcoScan app in the App Store or Play Store. Organize a bingo or join an existing bingo in your area! For more information, visit