Waste sorting guide app EcoScan matches waste with trash can

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Waste separation easier and more sustainable thanks to Recycle functionality

ENKHUIZEN – In which trash can I throw this piece of waste? It is the most frequently asked question for people who want to separate waste for a better environment. But figuring out what belongs in which waste bin is sometimes quite a chore. Rick Buiten of Sitio IT therefore invented the EcoScan. An app that takes a photo of the waste and then tells you in which trash you can throw it.

A paper bin, a GFT bin, a bin for plastic waste and one for residual waste. Separating waste is hot, but many people find it too complicated or too much work. Often because packaging material consists of several types of materials. And well, how do you determine which bin it belongs to?

And that is still the simple variant, because the citizen who brings his waste to the waste separation station has to deal with an average of ten to fifteen different containers for as many different types of waste. Likewise Rick Buiten. “I was standing there with the trash in my hands and every time I wondered” Which container does this belong in? ” That was quite an eye opener. Just throwing something somewhere in a container is not an option, because the employees make sure that it is done in the right way. And rightly so, “says Rick.

‘Feit blijft wel dat het weggooien van afval onnodig tijd in beslag neemt en nogal een uitzoekklus kan zijn als je veel en verschillend afval hebt. Natuurlijk kom je er uiteindelijk wel uit met hulp van de medewerkers, maar die hebben vaak al de handen vol en zijn continue druk bezig.’

“The fact remains that throwing out waste takes up unnecessary time and can be quite a sorting job if you have a lot of different waste. Of course you will eventually get there with the help of the employees, but they often already have their hands full and are constantly busy. “…

Image recognition
With the app, a photo can be taken of almost all types of waste, which is recognized by the scanning software. The app’s software then matches the trash with the correct trash based on the data in the database, which is continuously updated. It is important for photo recognition that when taking a photo you zoom in on one type of waste, so that the app clearly recognizes the waste and advises the correct waste bin.

Thrift store functionality
Recycling, helping other people and taking care of the environment are at the top of Rick’s list. From his company Sitio IT, he likes to develop useful apps that companies and consumers can use to not only make their work easier, but also make the world a more sustainable place.

That is why the app contains a special Recycle functionality. “When the photo scan shows that a disposable item is almost complete and therefore good enough for reuse, the EcoScan will advise to take it to the Thrift Store or to place it in the container of the Thrift Store,” says Rick .

“Something can always be thrown away. The more economical we use things and the longer we use them, the better for the environment. Moreover, if you no longer want to use certain items, it may be that you can make others happy. This is how we help each other and the earth. “


The EcoScan is available for free download today from both the Google Play Store and the App Store.