More than 10,000 advice on waste separation in six months

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ENKHUIZEN – The Ecoscan, the app about waste separation, has been consulted more than 10,000 times since it was launched in May 2018. The most frequently asked question is about the empty bag of chips. For many people this appears to be unclear, because of the layer of foil on the inside of the plastic bag.

The EcoScan makes it easy for people to contribute to a better environment. Just take a photo with the app and the EcoScan tells you in which waste bin or waste container it can be thrown. If the object is actually too good to throw away, the app recommends the thrift store.

Top 20 objects photographed

  1. Chips
  2. Drinking packaging
  3. Paper (newspapers and magazines)
  4. Carton
  5. Coffee mugs
  6. Glass bottles and jars
  7. Drinking glasses (This is surprisingly part of the residual waste instead of in the glass container.)
  8. Plastic bottles (PET)
  9. Other plastic packaging
  10. Remote control
  11. Drink can
  12. Computer mouse
  13. Plastic tubes (Gell / toothpaste)
  14. Canned baby powder
  15. Pen or pencil
  16. Cutlery
  17. Medication packaging
  18. Candle
  19. Laptop
  20. Flowers

“On average, 250 people per month take a photo of their waste with the EcoScan. Separating waste is therefore not a matter of wanting, but mainly of being able and knowing what to do, “says Rick Buiten, the inventor and developer of the EcoScan. “Many people like to separate their waste, they enjoy doing it. However, separating waste has become too difficult due to all the different materials and packaging. Even employees at waste separation stations sometimes have doubts about what to do with a piece of waste. That’s why I developed the EcoScan, so that people get an answer to their question. “

“Where do I dump my ex?”
Pranksters now also know how to make good use of the EcoScan. “Every now and then someone takes a picture to ask where he or she can dump his (ex-) partner,” Rick chuckles. “That falls into the category of” Exceptional Waste “, just like pets, by the way. We also see these passing by regularly. And well, the app is of course not made for that. “

New functionalities
For 2019 there are a number of innovations on the shelf. “The EcoScan app knows how to deal with the intention of the user. It sometimes happened that someone took a photo of a packaging with food scraps. And then the question is: does the user want to throw away the packaging or the food? “Rick says. “Those kinds of teething problems are now as good as possible, so I want to focus this year on new functionalities that make use easier and more user-friendly.”

Free download
The EcoScan is available for free download in both the Google Play Store and the App Store.