Waste separation just got easier with the EcoScan app

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ENKHUIZEN – EcoScan, the app for waste separation, makes it easy for people to make their contribution to a better environment. Take a photo with the app and the app tells you in which bin or container the waste can be thrown. Since today it is even easier to separate waste properly thanks to the new functionality in the app.

New functionality
Today, the new functionality of the EcoScan has been launched, which makes it even easier to properly separate waste. The app now also scans barcodes. “The EcoScan knows how to deal with the intention of the user. It sometimes happened that someone took a photo of a packaging with food scraps. And then the question is: does the user want to throw away the packaging or the food? “Rick says. “Those kinds of teething problems have now been eliminated as much as possible, so I started to focus on the following functionality: determining the correct waste bin or waste container by scanning the barcode. This makes separating waste even easier, but also more reliable, because it is known exactly which packaging it is and what it is made of. “

Cardboard packaging
“Waste separation, and with it the recognition, is sometimes quite complicated. One carton box is different. For example, the cardboard containing macaroni and rice is part of waste paper, but cardboard containing frozen products belongs to residual waste because of a special layer that is added to extract the moisture, “explains Rick. This makes things very difficult. Barcode recognition is a solution for those kind of things.

The EcoScan is available for free download in both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

About EcoScan
The EcoScan app is a waste separation guide that helps you sort waste. The app was launched in 2018 and has now processed more than 14,000 scans. The users of the app come from various countries including the Netherlands, Belgium and France, but also countries such as Russia and Thailand. The purpose of the app is to advise users on how to separate waste.